Mind the Gap: Daedalic announces rapid railroad-building rogue-like Unrailed!

Mind the Gap: Daedalic announces rapid railroad-building rogue-like Unrailed!

This is no ordinary train - unrivalled, unruly and Unrailed! Available for Early Access in Summer 2019 for PC

Delayed trains and cancellations – sound painfully familiar? Soon, players will be able to prove that they can do better. Unrailed!, the roguelike by publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Indoor Astronaut, is all about getting an unstoppable train safely to the station through a variety of procedurally generated maps, both weird and wonderful in online multiplayer, local multiplayer or versus mode.

But there’s no time for trainspotting as you frantically build and fight for resources against the clock (and gluttonous camels). To add to the chaos, this is a pure multiplayer experience - act as a team and remember the golden rule - communication is key. Although, don’t expect the same rules to apply in versus mode.

Your railroad will lead you through procedurally generated landscapes, each with its own obstacles, geographic peculiarities and weird inhabitants. Some of them offer you quests, while others mean to trick your track-laying troupe. Your hard work and endeavours will be rewarded with unique upgrades after every round. Unrailed! offers limitless replay value and new challenges around every junction.

Key Features:

  •  Roguelike procedurally generated worlds for immense replay value
  •  Unique obstacles, geographic peculiarities and strange inhabitants to interact with
  •  Endless mode offers constant new challenges with varied difficulty settings
  •  Crafting elements: railroad tracks do not construct themselves
  •  Co-op multiplayer: online or locally in Party Mode
  • • Versus Mode for competitive track-laying
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